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Friday, 22 December 2017 16:10

What should I do if somebody is bad mouthing my boss?

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At a Christmas work function, I was talking to a man who has previously worked with my boss. He made a comment about high staff turnover and my boss churning through staff. How do I approach this now?

Just file it away for future reference.

How is it relevant?

The man is offering you an opinion. It doesn’t become a fact unless it is verifiable.

Then if it was, why would it matter? If you believe that your boss is currently ‘churning’ through staff, then it merely confirms a belief that you already have. Then you may want to ensure that you aren’t on the farewell list.

If your boss isn’t churning through staff, does this man’s opinion set you thinking about and analyzing your boss’ behaviour about staff retention?

Either way, it serves no benefit to be spending time thinking about it.


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