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Sunday, 10 September 2017 14:47

If someone gets terminated from a job, will he get an experience letter?

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I’m not familiar with the term ‘experience letter.’

I would expect that it is either a Record of Employment or a reference letter.

In Canada, when you are terminated from a position, whether it be by being fired, quitting or being laid off, you should receive a Record of Employment.

This form is significant if you are eligible and applying for unemployment benefits.

While it is mandatory for the employer to issue a Record of Employment, the employee often has to chase it down. It really depends on the organizational abilities and professionalism of the business.

For many small business owners, once the employee is out of the way, they don’t worry about it.

As for expecting a letter of reference from an employer who has terminated you, I wouldn’t expect that to happen. I’m not sure I would want someone who has fired me to speaking on my behalf.

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