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Sunday, 10 September 2017 09:20

Intern Question

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As an intern, is it okay if I ask a manager in another department to allow me to learn and give me a task to do?

The department where I work is limited and doesn’t offer much to learn, but I execute its tasks very well and they appreciated my work and discipline.

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I wouldn’t.

You don’t provide what industry you are working in. My understanding of an intern’s role is to get job experience related to pursuing one’s career goals.

If you aren’t finding your current internship to challenging and devoid of learning opportunities, you might be well advised to meet with your current supervisor and share with them your concerns.

They may be in a position to provide you with increased challenges within their department or grant you permission to take on additional work from a different department.

If you ask the other supervisor for work, without going through your current manager first, you risk alienating your current manager and jeopardizing your current internship.


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