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I sent my resume and recommendation to a company for an internship. The secretary invited me to connect with her on LinkedIn after about three weeks. Is this a positive sign?

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This isn’t necessarily a sign of anything at all. It could merely be a coincidence.

Linkedin sends invitations from seemingly random people. Perhaps you checked out the company’s Linkedin profile at one point in time.

I don’t know if Linkedin does it or not, but they may have an algorhythm that matches you with employees or those connected to the company. And then sends you an invite.

If there was a message that came with the invitation from the secretary, you could further develop the relationship. As well, if there wasn’t, you can still nurture the relationship.

Send them a message, mentioning that you were interested in working there and had suggested an internship and having applied, but not put any pressure on them to help you get the job.

Developing internal connections can be an effective way to gain a job.


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