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I would like to expand my network on Linkedin but I can't keep pretending to be everybody's friend, how can I do that?

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I would suggest starting by changing your thinking on the word ‘friend.’ Friends are with Facebook.

Far better to think of your Linkedin connections as ‘colleagues’ or even possibilities.

I currently have some 2700 connections on Linkedin. Some actually are friends. The majority, I wouldn’t recognize if I met them in person, nor would I be able to recall any details about them unless I looked up their profiles.

I get about four or five requests to connect or to join my network on a weekly basis. I research each one to see if we have any common interests or a possibility of mutual opportunity. I don’t accept every one that I get sent.

Next I would recommend you maximize your Linkedin profile for effectiveness It helps to be self-promotional in writing promotional copy that features you in good light.

Many people are still creating their Linkedin profile as if it were their resume. Your Linkedin profile should resonate with your resume, however where your resume needs to be brief, you can and should expand upon your qualifications and experience in your Linkedin profile.

The advantage to having a larger network, even if you don’t them personally, is reach. Posting to your timeline can be a good way to gain exposure to a cause you are promoting.

Keeping in regular contact with your connections can be almost impossible. You can take small steps in developing a relationship by liking, commenting and sharing posts in your timeline that have been created by your connections. As well as posting your own posts/articles, it can serve to keep your name and profile front and centre.

It may also be productive to think about why you want to grow your network in the first place? Are you trying to get a job, hire somebody, promote a product or business…? There are lots of different reasons. Whatever you determine as your purpose, it will likely lead you in a direction that determines the type of connections you will accept and reach out to.


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