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What should a job seeker on LinkedIn include in their profile?

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Once upon a time, your Linkedin profile could be like your resume on steroids. Those days are gone.

Your resume should be crafted and fine-tuned to meet the requirements of a specific job you are applying for. Where your resume is better off being short and sweet, your Linkedin profile, which should resonate with your resume, can be a little longer.

Linkedin allows you to expand upon the job experience that you have gained. It also allows you to showcase your transferrable skills that you wouldn’t have room to feature in your resume.

One of the common mistakes I see that job seekers make is that they don’t identify in the beginning of their profile that they are looking for work or seeking a position.

When you are job seeking, your Linkedin profile needs to be self-promotional in nature. The employer is checking out your profile because they are interested in you, to rule you in or rule you out. They may even be checking you out before you apply for a job.

Your Linkedin profile needs to set you up as a solution to the employer’s problem.

Your Linkedin profile can be a good place to add personal testimonials about you. This is different than your references.


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