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This category in the Jobs Now Blog contains a collection of frequently asked questions and articles related to networking for finding a job. 


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I don’t think anyone so far is actually answering your question. You are not enquiring about business networking events in general. You are asking about your industry, without providing what your industry is.

If I look at your situation strategically, I see several key areas for you to focus on.

Business dinners can be challenging to network at.

There are basically three elements to the event: 1) Pre-meal 2) The meal 3) Post-meal.

The question asks what are the challenges of writing a Linkedin profile.

Challenges are relative to the person creating their own Linkedin profile.

It may depend on several factors:

To start with, I’m going to assume that you are referring to your Linkedin profile photo.

Smiling is usually good. However, there is a degree of smiling that seems to be generally acceptable.

People do judge a book by its cover as the saying goes. They will make a snap judgement on you based on your headshot photo.

I evaluate every invitation that I get to connect. The first criteria I look for is ‘do I actually know the person?’

If not, the second criteria is ‘are they connected to one of my connections?’

Failing those two, I look to see if we share any common interests.

I would challenge your opening statement. I don’t believe that “It's not what you know.. it's who you know” to be true.

I believe that “It's not what you know or who you know … but who knows you know!” to be more apt.

I’m going to start off in a negative fashion. I don’t think it is important that you spend your time on ways to introduce yourself to people so that they care. You can’t force them to do so.

I believe its far more important to introduce yourself in a manner that piques the other person’s curiosity, so that they want to learn more about you.

People will only care who you are when they feel that you are not a threat to them or they find that they share common interests with you.

Sounds like you are caught up in what’s called a ‘self-fulfilling prophesy.”

You expect to be afraid of talking to new people, therefore you will act in that way.

Friday, 22 December 2017 16:00

What do you talk about over coffee?

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Coffee cups graphic v2When meeting someone for coffee professionally, what do you talk about or try to accomplish? (Particularly if you are in academia and not business)?

There is likely a lot less difference between going for coffee whether you are in academia or business, then you think there is. Your approach should be professional in either instance.

Going for coffee is an opportunity to get to know the other person. The objective is to find if you share common interests and if there is any opportunity to collaborate on a project or serve as a resource for each other. If you were in business, it may lead to a joint venture.

Come prepared to talk about subjects that interest you, both in your career and your private life.

I’m going to take a contrary position and say that it isn’t, in my opinion.

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