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I emailed requesting an interview. I want to explore the opportunity. Should I let them know in my response that I'm currently employed?

I had sent my resume to a company years ago but didn't show up to an interview.
Since then I've worked for a similar company. 
They recently emailed me and requested an interview.
I want to explore the opportunity.
Should I respond with a yes and tell them I am currently employed first?

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Sunday, 10 September 2017 15:52

What happens if you turn down a job offer?

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What does a response from a recruiter "there's still interest" after 4 rounds of interview mean? I'm being considered as a top candidate for offer.

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How do I address being fired from a previous job in a resume, on an application, and interviews?

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Unless the interviewer personally knows you, or knows of your situation, it isn’t likely to come up in an interview, unless you draw attention to the fact.

If you are applying for work within the same company, likely there will be documentation on your personnel record.

The challenge is that you may have to be prepared to explain an absence from the workforce, as identified in your resume, if it took you a while to get another job. Or if the one you are applying for is the next one since you got fired.

In the off chance that you are asked about your ‘firing’ you can minimalize its negative effect by having a story prepared in advance. The ‘why’ you got terminated may not be as important as what you learned from the situation.

The last time I got fired, I used the time to upgrade my skills in interpersonal conflict resolution, assertiveness and interpersonal communication. I became a stronger personality as a result of being fired.

Another aspect to address is how you feel about being fired. Being fired can shake you up for a while. The important thing that I personally learned was that while the employer can take my job but they can’t take my dignity. As you travel through life, you may very well get fired. It happens. But life goes on.


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Sunday, 10 September 2017 09:08

How do I answer "Why Do You Want This Job?"

Is it appropriate to answer "why do you want this job?" with any answer related to the money it provides or being paid during a job interview?

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Is it okay to not have a hard copy of your resume while going for an interview?

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Sunday, 10 September 2017 08:31

What does doing a deep dive into my resume mean?

How do you prepare for an interview described as a deep dive into your resume and your decision making skills?

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Can I repeat the same line I have written on my resume?

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