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Sunday, 10 September 2017 16:05

Should I Go For a Job Interview When I'm Already Employed

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I emailed requesting an interview. I want to explore the opportunity. Should I let them know in my response that I'm currently employed?

I had sent my resume to a company years ago but didn't show up to an interview.
Since then I've worked for a similar company. 
They recently emailed me and requested an interview.
I want to explore the opportunity.
Should I respond with a yes and tell them I am currently employed first?

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I wouldn’t respond to them and tell them that you are currently employed. I don’t see the purpose in doing so.

They are either asking you to come in for an interview because they still have you on record as being interested in working for them once upon a time or they have been scouting for talent and think that it might be worth their while to bring you into talk to you.

Either way, you are in a good position.

The fact that you are currently employed is moot. You may find that they have a good offer for you and its worth your while to move to a new job, or you may find that your current job really isn’t all that bad after-all.

You won’t know for sure until you go talk to them.

Just make sure that you have updated your resume and have it synced with your Linkedin profile. You can count on the fact that the potential employer will be checking you out on line as you should be them.

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