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Sunday, 10 September 2017 14:34

When are you considered senior at work?

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There isn’t likely a definitive answer to this question as all workplaces are different and there isn’t a universal definition of the word ‘senior’.

In a worksite with a rapid turnover of staff, if you have been there the longest, you could be considered the ‘senior’ person.

In other worksites that have a younger age demographic and one of them is older, than they could be considered a senior person.

In yet another scenario, a ‘senior’ worker could indicate a formal categorization as in their job title, or an informal one, for a worker who has mastered skills specific to the job at hand.

In my case, I am the senior nurse as I have been there the longest. There are no perks or benefits involved. I am also ‘senior’ i.e. an old fart, by virtue of being in my early sixties.

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