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Friday, 22 December 2017 16:35

Should I ask for job back after being fired?

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How can I ask for my job back after getting fired? I liked the job and was successful there for 20 months, but lost my temper and used expletives while on a call with tech support last week. This was the only time this has ever happened.

If you have the courage to do so … do so!

Your question leaves a lot to the imagination.

Were you in a unionized job?

Was there a disciplinary meeting?

Was progressive discipline offered before the firing?

I don’t see anything in your question and supplementary information to say that you were sorry for what you did, or that you learned something from the situation.

Sure, you can ask for your old job back, but why should they give it to you?

Are you aware whether your comments did any damage to the business?

Did you do anything at the time to mitigate the potential damage or loss of faith in the company that you likely created.

I have been fired before and was successful in getting a job back, not the original one though. I had a union behind me that backed me up.

When you are on your own … you are on your own.

I would say it is time to move on. You may want to polish up your resume and find some credible references to get you past the having been fired hurdle.

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