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Friday, 22 December 2017 16:42

Six Interviews But No Job Yet

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I have given six interviews so far and I’m constantly getting rejected in the final round. Why is it so?

Without ever having seen you in an interview situation, there is no way to answer this question.

But let’s turn it by a few degrees and look at it differently.

You are making it to the final rounds of the interview, in at least six situations. While it is depressing that you were unsuccessful in landing the job, you must be doing something right in the preliminary interviews to make it that far.

So what’s happening in the final round? Are you getting nervous? Are the interview questions too complicated for you to answer? Do you stumble in answering the questions?

Upon completion of an interview, do you debrief yourself? What went right? What went wrong?

Are there areas that you could have benefitted from a ‘do over’?

Have you asked any of the interviewers why you were unsuccessful in getting the job. Some people will tell you to never ask that question, others will say ‘go for it!’ I guess it depends on your comfort level.

You could be doing something that is sabotaging your chances or it may simply be that there are better candidates for the job than you.

All you can do is keep on trying. You should be learning something from every interview. At the very least you will be increasing your job interviewing skills and your self-confidence.

Hopefully, you will be lucky on the next interview. Keep at it!


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