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Thursday, 12 October 2017 07:18

Does it make you uneasy to interview for an experienced, mid-level position that has been open for 60 days or more?

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I don’t see myself applying for an experienced, mid level position in the near future.

Having said that, I wouldn’t see myself worrying that the position has been open for 60 days or more.

It often takes a while for an employer to get things organized. There may not have been any qualified applicants. The fact that you are being interviewed at all is noteworthy in the sense that they are considering you as a potential hire.

There may even be other reasons such as nobody wanting to apply for the job. There could be a myriad of problems with the job, including the direct supervisor, the employees, working conditions etc.

It might be worth your while to do some sleuthing to find out if any of what I have suggested may be true. If they are, it may be a deal breaker for you wanting to work there. Or, it may give you some insight on how to answer questions from the interviewer that may be covertly addressing a problematic work environment.

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